RM 8,500 /month
Land Area 11,988 sq.ft
Built Up 5,899 sq.ft
Power Supply 200 ampere
RM 10,000 /month
Land Area Appx. 12,000 sq.ft.
Built Up Appx. 6,611 sq.ft
Power Supply 200 Ampere
RM 20,796,690
Land Area 2.25 Acres
Built Up Appx. 69,322.30 sq ft
Power Supply MSB 1,000 Ampere (setting at 600 Ampere)
RM 99,957 /month
Land Area Appx. 1.33 Acres
Built Up Appx. 76,890 sq ft
Power Supply 2500 Ampere (H.T.)
RM 54,999,999
Land Area Appx. 1.54 Acres
Built Up Appx. 197,600 sq.ft.
Power Supply 5000 Ampere H.T.

Real Estate Appraisal

For over 20 years we has consistently delivered an unrivalled portfolio of properties to people who want a hassle free moving experience in and around the World.

Premium Quality

We are a "safe agent" and a member of the "my deposits" protected deposit scheme too, all of which gives you complete peace of mind.

Friendly Customer Support

Each member of our team is very experienced in the market and has exceptional local knowledge, providing a hassle free moving experience for our clients.

We Save Your Time

If the selected property is in need of improvement to bring it up to your required specification – no problem, our in house maintenance team will be on hand to make the changes
RM 9,002,200
Land Area Appx. 1.37 Acres
Built Up Appx. 15,190 sq.ft
Power Supply 400 Ampere (Able to upgrade max 1,000 Amp)
RM 16,073 /month
Land Area Appx. 21,204 sq.ft
Built Up Appx. 13,395 sq.ft
Power Supply 200 Amp
RM 13,599,300
Land Area Appx. 1.668 acres.
Built Up Appx. 31,663 sq.ft .
Power Supply 400 Ampere (Able to upgrade max 1,000 Amp)


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